Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2014)!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful! Mine was awesome. Robert and I had Christmas at our house with my family for the first time! It was great. Everything turned out perfectly and I wasn't hyperventilating in the kitchen. No cooking disasters or anything!

Here are pictures of our winter festivities:

                                                                  Our Christmas Tree

                                                               My winter/themed desk

 My decorating theme was inspired by Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), The Snow Queen, and The Polar Bear King. Some of my favorite fairy tales. And of course I had to get out my Narnia bookends :)

 This is me and my husband, Robert, at a local performance of "The Nutcracker". I hadn't been able to go in years and I'd never been to one with Robert, so that night was really special for us.

This is a better view of my dress. I found it at a thrift store earlier this year. It was a bit long for me, so I cut it and was going to hem it but my sewing machine is having issues at the moment. I waited until the day of to do this (of course) so I ended up just wearing it without hemming, and hoped no one would notice :D I think I'm just going to add some black lace to the bottom edge, instead of simply hemming it.

                                          The Christmas Day spread on our Dining room table.

I made gluten and dairy free gingerbreads and peanut blossums. Robert is allergic to both, so over the years I've learned to substitute. The chocolate chips I used do have butter in them though. Robert tested better with butter, so he is able to have it, just not a lot. There is white cotton candy (or fairy floss!) to the left, and dark chocolate non-pariels ( or snow caps as I prefer to call them) to the right.

                                                             The Winter Place Settings

                     Our stockings, above the little fireplace my sister created when we were kids!

A ball of mistletoe! I found this at Lowes and originally it had red velvet ribbon with a bell dangling from it. The bell hung at just the right length, so that tall people passing under the doorway would get bonked on the head. A.K.A. -  Robert.So, I found some blue snowflake ribbon I had laying around, cut off the red ribbon and the painful bell, and glued on the new ribbon. Voila, a bunch mistletoe to match the rest of my decorations!

Some of the Snowflakes we made together.

This was a Christmas gift for my sister. I bought a plain white plate and mug at the dollar tree and drew on them with a black sharpie. After drawing, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and pop it in for 30 min. Design is permanent and safe! I got the inspiration off of Pinterest. They are both Narnia themed. The mug says "How would it be if you came and had tea with me?" and the plate says "It's only just 'round the corner, and there'll be toast and sardines and cake." She loved them!

Well that is all for now! Today I've been taking down Christmas decorations and thinking about New Year's resolutions. Keeping life simple and trying new things are some of them :) I think my brother plans to take us to see The Hobbit DOS tonight...I know, I haven't seen it yet!

Enjoy your Winter! You shall hear from me soon :)



  1. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LOVED this post. I love posts like this, that are just a nice update with pictures and fun things.

    Okay so:
    1) You and Robert are really cute. Just FYI
    2.) That little fireplace is adorable.
    3.) That dress is really pretty.
    5.) You decorate super prettily. :D

    That is all.

  2. Thank you! I know, I love picture posts too (like yours!), and want to do more! Whenever I think of it I'm always at work, though :P Bleh. I need to find more time for blogging!

    Okay, so in reply:

    1) Tee hee, thank you :) You are quite adorable yourself :)
    2) Yup. We never had (and still don't) a real one growing up, so my sister decided to remedy that :) We also never believed in Santa so we didn't care if he could get down this one or not :D
    3) Thanks! It has a weird, lace up back to it and is supposed to be worn strapless, so I wore a black shirt I had with it, for modesty's sake. It made it prettier, I think!
    4) AWESOMENESS! I LOVE them. My brother has the Lord of the Rings ones too...I is jealous, precious!
    5) Awww, thank you! They call me Martha Stewart around here ;)

    I'll be posting more pics of our house, once I get it cleaned after all the Christmas hullabaloo and all :)

    Oh,and btw, I'm Mary Olivia on Pinterest, just so you know!


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