Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There is something about ThredUP....

Well, hallo :)

This is a post I've been meaning to do for several weeks and I'm just now getting around to it. But it kind of worked out because now I have more pictures to share with you!

I've noticed that several other bloggers have recently discovered ThredUP, a website that is sort of like an online thrift store. I'm mainly a thrift shopper when it comes to clothes, and finding this site was a huge highlight of this year. You don't even have to leave the house to shop! I'll just start with saying that it is really super cool and amazingly awesome.

I discovered ThredUP on Pinterest (Thanks to AmandaBeth for posting the link btw!) and I've been hooked ever since. The best part is that when you are new to ThredUp and you click on a link that somebody has posted or emailed, you automatically get $10 to spend and so does the person that posted the link, no strings attached. You can literally buy $10 worth of clothing and not have to pay anything except shipping OR if you've added shipping into the $10 limit, then nothing at all! 

You can also share your own link, which ThredUp will give you once you have your own account. There is also the option of sharing via email or facebook, and whenever someone clicks on your link, you'll get money to spend!

How awesome is that?!

Here is my ThredUP haul:

My ThredUP Haul! So far....:D

Pretty Polka Dot Packaging.

The hoodie and the two shirts next to it are by Abbey Dawn, one of my favorite brands that is no longer in stores. I just typed  the brand in the search bar and it gave me all the results for that specific brand!  The sleeveless jean shirt used to have sleeves, but I'd been longing for one of those cute jean vests lately so off they came! Getting one for free beats paying $50 in-store!

The red dress and black dress I actually got for free because they both had small tears that they didn't notice when they were inspected the first time. So I was refunded for both! Since sewing is another one of my hobbies, this wasn't a problem for me. Both are easily fixable. I was actually pretty pumped about the defects! :D If this isn't something that floats your boat, ThredUp does have a return policy if you aren't pleased with your item. I haven't had to use it, but I haven't heard any complaints about their return service as of yet.
I love their tags!

Here is the hole in the black dress.....

.....and one of the holes on the red dress. It's no wonder they didn't notice them on this one, they are very hard to see.

 Now, you are probably thinking: So what happens when I run out of people to share the link with? Is that the end of free credit? Nope! There is another way to earn credit to either spend or cash out on ThredUP. They have something called clean-out bags, which they send to you for free so that you can send nearly new clothing to them in the brands they accept. Pricing varies depending on the condition and brand of the item you send. All the info on what they accept is on their website so check it out if you are interested! Also, they cover the shipping as well, so this doesn't cost you anything!

My first clean-out bag! I haven't shipped it out yet, but I managed to fill it to the brim :)

Guidelines to follow. They'll send you this card in your clean out bag envelope.

On the other side....Note: the brands the state here are not the ONLY brands they accept. Again, check out their website for more details.

More instructions.
All ready to get shipped out! I'm pretty proud of this bag. I kept saying to Robert: "Just look at it!" :D

Well, that has been my experience so far! I'm thrilled with this site and I'm sure you will be too. Let me know if you love ThredUP! I love seeing other people's hauls :)

Here is $10 for both of us to spend! Have fun shopping!


  1. oooh. I might have to try it. After. After I get my life sorted out a little.

    1. You'll have money soon! I was in the same place not too long ago, so I know the feeling :P
      People are crazy if they don't hire you :)


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