TV Series

This is a ridiculously short list. My reasons?

1. I don't have cable, or any channels for that matter. We just use our TV to watch movies. I'd really like to be able to watch Masterpiece Theater (and I could on the computer but it's just not the same). We recently discovered Netflix though, and it's addicting...

2. I've been lazy and haven't gone to the library or reserved any TV series.

3. When I do get DVDs at the library, I get very frustrated at the scratched up ones that love to skip out on you. UGH. BUT we haz a Blu-ray player now, so the world is good again!

So, here is my very short list.

Robin Hood (BBC) - If you haven't seen this, please, go to the library, bring it home, and watch it. I think it's the best Robin Hood out there. All the season are on Netflix, too :D

Stargate SG-1 - The entire 10 seasons. Yes, you heard me. I'm a girl and I sat through the ENTIRE 10 seasons, and I still love Stargate :D Warning: The Children of the Gods episode has a ridiculous amount of nudity in it. I think it's the only episode that has anything like that...Thankfully they made a clean version! Throughout the series women don't always dress very nicely. I would recommend looking up reviews for each episode so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Stargate Atlantis - I bet you saw this coming!

The Angry Beavers - This compared to SpongeBob Squarepants is like chocolate compared to dirt. This may not be something you want young kids watching, though. There's a lot of sibling rivalry and hitting/smacking, and name calling ( no swear words though).

Little Dorrit (Masterpiece Theater) - I really liked this one.

Jane Eyre (Masterpiece Theater) - This is the best Jane Eyre by far. Even better than the one that came out in 2012 (?).

Pride and Prejudice (BBC) - I like it because it follows the book really well. Although the 2005 version with Keira Knightley is my all time favorite. And considerably shorter too :)

Road to Avonlea - This is just the most precious, family friendly TV series out there. I absolutely love it!

Call the Midwife (BBC) - I LOVE this series! Warning: It is an adult show. The second episode definitely has some skip worthy parts. I wouldn't watch this with kids, because of episode two, among others, and for the fact that childbirth is going on in every episode.

Downton Abbey (BBC) - I have only watched up to the 4th season, so no spoilers please! I think I prefer Call the Midwife to Downton though...

Sherlock (BBC) - I really like this series! I would also consider this an adult show. Especially with that nasty Irene Adler episode. I couldn't believe they did that with her character! I much prefer the Rachel McAdams version.

Monk - Best homicide detective ever! He's so lovable and annoying at the same time :D Also an adult show. Murder and not so very modest women. Yep, not something I'd want my kids watching until their older.

Agatha Christie's 'Poirot' - Hubby and I looooove this series! If you like mystery and murder, you'll like Poirot. He has a very unique way of solving the cases. It's also a fairly clean TV series, there was one random scene in the early seasons and in the later seasons where some parts get kinda icky, but regardless this is  not something I would let the kids watch. mainly because...murders and all things that a detective show usually has.

Leverage- Just started this series and so far I'm hooked! I mean, c'mon, Christian Kane is in it people! Thanks for the recommendation, Treskie :)

(I'm just writing these as I think of them. Not really in any order. There may be more to come.)

I could write you a list of TV series I want to see! Now that would be a VERY long list :)

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