Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Autumn Loveliness

Hello September!

I have been so looking forward to autumn. This is the time of year when my love of creativity is renewed and I feel like I can do anything! I have already started three crochet projects :) And if I remember to take pictures of them I'll share them with you, but for now I'll just tell you what they are.

1. A Gryffindor Scarf - Which I actually started last October but never finished. I was Hermione for Halloween and my fiancé (now husband) was Sirius Black. I ended up not needing the scarf so since I had no deadline anymore, I didn't finish it :P I always work better with deadlines.

2. A Civil War Handbag - I also had already begun this, a few years back actually, but that aside I am determined to finish it by the time our local Civil War re-enactment comes around, which is at the end of this month. See? Deadline. (In my defense, I have already completed three of these lovely handbags. This one is for my sister.)

3. Fingerless Gloves - This I started in August, but felt guilty about the scarf and handbag soooo this is being put on hold at the moment. The yarn is scrumptious though! Lion brand Amazing yarn in the  "Glacier Bay" color.

I love being busy with crafty things :)

So as I've been dreaming of autumn and all the loveliness that comes with it I decided that I am going to have a Halloween/Phantom of the Opera party! I'm so psyched :) I haven't had a family get together at my house yet and I've just been itching to have something. *Squeals* And I love throwing parties :) I also have no limits to decorations ( now that I have my own house) so this is going to be so much fun!

Here's a list of my favorite things about Autumn:

1. The colors - Burgundy, Sage, Burnt Orange, Brown, and Yellow, and Black. Ah, me! They set my heart a-flutter.  

2. Leaves -  I happen to like raking leaves and they are so full of color. Especially the red ones :)

3. Long walks on a brisk fall day with someone you love. And a scarf. Don't forget the scarf.

4. Creative-ness -  I feel so much more inspired and inclined to make things during the fall season.

5. Tea and Cider -  I don't like drinking hot things during the summer, so now I have an excuse :) I'm not a big fan of tea, but I'm a bigger fan in the fall and winter months.

6. Pumpkins and mums - The smells, the colors, the look, what's not to like?

7. Halloween - I LOVE to dress up. This year I think I'm going to be Christine from the Phantom of the Opera and have my husband be the phantom. He doesn't mind :) I don't think he would dress up if he didn't have me to give him a nudge, but he draws the line where he
wants it. And hey, at least my costume ideas are cool :D

I'll stop there for now. I could go on and on and on but then we'd be here forever.

What are your favorite things about autumn? Planning a Halloween costume yet? I'd love to know!

As for me, I will be planning away :) BYE!



  1. Ahah! Le comment is working! ;)

    Ooooh, dressing up as the Phantom and Christine is SUCH a cool idea. I must see if I can at some point. *walks away singing Think Of Me*

  2. Yay! :)

    Yes. I've been scheming about it for awhile now and decided that this is the year we're going to do it! I want to make Christine's nightgown (from the movie) for my costume, with some modest alterations, BUT I haven't started yet and I'm trying not to bite off more than I can chew :/

    You would make a perfect Christine! Especially with your nice, long dark brown hair. I have light longish brown hair which I'm NOT going to dye for this or wear a wig.

    Now I want to go watch the movie... :)


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