Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the air!

I'm excited for fall to come! I love the weather changes for this time of year. I DON'T like daylight savings time though, I've never seen the point! You get a lot more done during your day if the sun is up for just a few extra hours. Fall usually puts me in a sewing mood, which might be caused by the weather change. I absolutely hate sewing when it's ridiculously hot out, and since we don't have air conditioning except in one room it's rather difficult to make myself work on any sewing projects. I do have a project I'm going to be working on in the next few days though! Every year I make it my goal to always make my Halloween costume, so this year I've chosen to be Helen of Troy. I just got the fabric for it at Jo-Ann Fabrics about a week ago, but I still need to find 7 and 1/2 yards of cheap trim. I've been searching on for any deals on decorative trims, and though I haven't found any to die for yet, I've found some that could work. The color of my dress is going to be a sea-blue/green color, and there is a wrap that will be the same color, only I'm using sheer fabric for that. It is also what I will be needing the trim for. I want something that has gold in it, but we'll see what happens. One kind of trim that I liked at Jo-Ann Fabrics was $4.99 a yard! EEEEeeeek! Definitely not in my price range.
I need to start working on this soon, so that I can get it done by the 7th of October, preferably. My reason? Oh nothing really, I'm just going to Ireland starting that day for A WHOLE 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe I really get to go there! It is a dream come true :) I'll try to blog soon, once I get the chance. Life has been crazy, and probably always will be around here :P Well bye for now,


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