Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drawing Contest!

Just a short update on my life: I went to Ireland to visit my boyfriend who is studying abroad there, got engaged, came home, went to my sister's wedding, and am now getting used to not being busy! Lot of information in one sentence right? I'll tell more about Ireland and my engagment in a later post because I'm completely worn out from people asking "How, when, where, and what was your trip like?" at my sis's wedding, so I'm going to take a break :)
Today I discovered a really awesome drawing contest created by a fellow homeschooler whose blog I follow! Here is the link: http://shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/30%20Day%20Drawing%20Challenge
I'm about six days late though, but I still want to do it, whether or not I make the deadline :) I already started on the first assignment, which is to draw a picture of yourself. I'm afraid I will never amount to the magnificent drawings that Shealynn creates but I do like to draw, and I've seriously neglected that craft, so thank you Shealynn for inspiring me to try my hand at it again! We'll see how it goes.....
I'm planning on taking my time with it, so that I'm not rushing my drawing. It's been awhile since I've done anything I really, really, REALLY felt impressed with, so hopefully if I take my time, I'll not only learn some new techniques but create something beautiful as well :)

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