Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Things About Me No. 1

The King and I

Getting to know yoooooou. Getting to know alllllllll about you!

I love that movie.

So. Today I thought I would share a random post about myself. My likes, dislikes, etc. Y'know?

I guess I'll start with ten random things:

1. My favorite colors are purple, aqua, sage, forest green, black, black and white, and burgundy.

2. I can be a picky person. I don't try to be. Sometimes I don't realize when I am. My husband usually points it out for me, though ;) It is mostly with home décor. If I'm going to buy something, I'm not just going to go out and get the first thing I see. I re-search it to death, until I find something I love. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, right?

3. I would live in Ireland if I could. We visited in 2011, and I fell in love.

4. I have a passionate hatred for snakes.

5. I really hate jealousy. It tears people apart, and no one ever has a good reason to be jealous. Be happy with what you have. Be happy for others. Life is better when you don't spend your time endlessly wishing or wanting for something you don't have right now.

6. I am not a morning person. Robert says I get the grumpiest look on my face when his alarm goes off. Well, yes. His alarm is obnoxiously loud and I can't reach it. Or smash it.
My alarm is a ringtone on my phone, and I don't hate it. I might resent it, but I've never had the urge to pulverize it.

7. I love to sing. I have never excelled at playing an instrument, but singing always came naturally to me. I sing best when I'm by myself. I don't know why, but when I sing around others, my mind is always racing. What are they thinking? Do they think I'm annoying? Do I look weird when I sing? Does my voice sound different to other people than it does to me? AM I NORMAL?!?!
*Clears throat* Yeah. You get the picture.

8. I really love fairies. Modest fairies, that is.

9. I dislike fish, peppermint, coconut, and coffee. Iced coffees aren't bad, but I just don't like the bitter taste of coffee.

10. I am the youngest of four children in my family.

So there you have it! Things you might not have known about me.
 I might make this a continuous thing. I don't know. Other bloggers seem to have a schedule they go Picture Saturday, Random post day, etc. A schedule would be a good thing for me. They have deadlines.

On the other hand, I only have one day that I really sit down and post something....anything else is just whenever I have a brilliant idea. So, that is something to think about.....decisions, decisions.

Also, do you have any suggestions for my blog?

Such as:

Is the font okay? Is it hard to read? Does my background color make it worse?

How did you design your header? I need to sit down and do mine soon....

Input is appreciated. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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