Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Month of Minions

Hey there, peoples!

This is going to be a catch up post since I've been horrible at posting this summer. So, you saw what happened at the beginning of June (my super awesome India party), but I neglected to share the rest of the month with you. I know. I'm smacking myself for you right now. *SMACK*

Here's the story guys:

I have tons of beautiful flowers this year! They were the prettiest in June, I think.

There was a rainbow.

We acquired stones to make a campfire ring in our backyard from my sister and brother-in-law. Now we have something fun in our backyard! It's basically been empty until this summer. None of our trees can hold swings so we've been trying to think up other fun things to add back there. We now have a place for a campfire AND a badminton/volleyball net. I love badminton.

I did a project for my craft room! *dances* I didn't like my bland cork board. So I raided my fabric stash.

All I did was measure the cork board (the cork part, not the frame) and add 1/2 inch to all sides before cutting. You will be tucking the edges of the fabric underneath the frame of the cork board, so you'll want the extra 1/2 inch for that. I had to trim mine a bit more to get an exact fit.

After tucking in the edges, space out thumb tacks evenly across the edge. This will keep the fabric secure. And that's it!

One of my Sunday outfits that month.

Showing off my shoes :D

A little minion helped me draw these minions. Can you tell?

We drew a purple minion too!

We had a minion themed birthday for my brother-in-law!  A number 1 for another year older :D
And cheesecake. Yummy cheesecake.

We wore our minion shirts. You can't see mine but you can kinda see Robert's. Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Nana :D

June was just a totally minion month! We went to one of our local-ish amusement parks and won a minion!!!!!! The bear was from our first attempt to get a minion, but he's cute so not a total loss. We usually never play games at fairs or other similar amusement places, but they usually don't have minions. I love my minion. The games at this park were surprisingly fair compared to the ones at our small town's crappy fair.

Rainbow sugar.


I read this lovely book while on a camping trip. It is my favorite of the trilogy. It also made the camping trip bearable. I'm not overly fond of camping. Especially when one's tent gets rained on while one is trying to sleep. Yeah. Not doing that again!

That pretty much sums up what happened in June....India party, improving the yard, amusement park with the fam, MINION PARTY, lots of reading, and damp camping. A good month, I think :) I hope it was good for you too!

Ta-ta for now,



  1. MINION PAR-TAY!!! *flails like a purple psychotic minion* You are just so awesome with epic minionish taste that is for sure. ;) Your flowers are also very beautiful and that cork-board is really nice! Are you going to pin stuff to it still? I want a corkboard. But I didn't have one so I just started bluetacking all my maps and book notes to the wall. It's rather awesome looking. (I feel my parents aren't too impressed, but they understand visual creativity.) XD Yay for a fabulous month!

  2. Hehe, thanks Cait! (Sorry I'm just NOW replying :P I'm horrible at blogging, I know.) Yes, my cork board is covered with inspiration now! One of these days I'll get around to posting a pic of it ( It's okay, you are can laugh :D ), Cool, I want to see this wall of yours! I tack stuff to the wall too, but that was more so when I was still living with my parents. Haven't done much of that here....yet! *impish grin*


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