Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween...Scooby Style.

HI there!

Happy Halloween!

I thought I would share our Halloween pictures ON the day this year instead of after. Unlike last year. *ahem*

Dad's little Jack O' Lantern.

Monster Eye Cookies! Found the recipe for these on Pinterest here.

My table set up for my Halloween party! There are a couple of clues that might help you guess who we dressed up as :D

If you ever watched Scooby Doo growing up, you'll know who we are! Daphne and Shaggy, equipped with Scooby Snax and a Mystery Machine lunch pack :D I'm also quite pleased that I found most of our costume pieces at Goodwill. I love being thrifty!
"Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?"

My bear even decided to get into the spirit of Halloween :)

My ghostie in my cocoa.

I found this idea on Pinterest too. Find it here.

Unfortunately, heating crayons with a hair dryer takes FOREVER. I'm a third of the way done, but I think I'm going to borrow my Dad's heat gun to finish the job! I'll post a pic when it's finished.
This guy is all done! I may put a spider above his mouth....idk.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! I can believe it has come and gone already O_O

P.S. I am currently reading 'Dracula' and am ignoring 'The Two Towers'. I just can't get into it! I keep thinking "I could be watching the movie. Why am I not watching the movie? The movie was a whole lot more interesting!" *sobs* I completely understand Cait's phobia towards thick books. I'm feeling it right now with that huge thing staring at me all the time :P



  1. Bah haha! *hi fives for the thick book phobia* YOU AND ME BOTH, MY FRIEND. If there's a super thick book but there's a movie option...I know what I always pick. I'm such a cheating bookworm. x) Your costumes are so awesome and ohhh, pumpkin art. BUT HEY THERE IS A GHOST IN YOUR COCOA. THAT IS SO COOL.

    1. *hi fives back* Super thick, BORING books are the absolute worst. I'm still not finished with Dracula and though it didn't look like a thick book, it has teensy tiny writing and about 400 pages. *glares at it*

      Thanks! I'm one of those people that starts planning their Halloween costume the day after :D It's something I've always loved to do.
      Pumpkin art is awesome! The crayon pumpkin went SO much faster with a heat gun. It was ridiculous. Picture is coming soon :)
      YES, HE'S GONE NOW. *evil laugh*


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