Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday


Did you all have a smashing holiday season? Mine was lovely and very, very crazy :) I have a lot of catching up to do, don't I? Well, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 is already speeding by, but this must be how adult years go by so I guess I must get used to it.

I have no good reasons for my lack of posts :P Just busyness mixed with laziness and the fact that I've had a new job for about two months now! I'm the cleaning lady at a place that sells tons of different lights, stoves, refrigerators, and cabinetry among other things. It's a big place and I always have something to do, which is very nice because I hate having to find things to do at a job. It's a good job and I like it and I'm extremely thankful that they hired me out of 41 other applicants! Crazy, huh? I'm still adjusting to my new schedule, which seems busier than any of my previous work schedules. It's just a matter of doing things at different times than I'm used to in order to get everything done at home.

So we brought in the new year by watching The Lego Movie for the first time and changing our calendar right when the clock struck midnight (which is something I've always wanted to do!). We were like *BAM!* New calendar. It was awesomeness.

We also drank some of this during the first minute of 2015.

I started a food diary this year. I have a suspicion that I may be allergic to certain dairy products so I started this diary so that I can pin point what my body is disagreeing with. So far I have faithfully written down everything I've eaten in it....we'll see how long that lasts!

This was my New Year's Day Mass outfit.
Us at a cousin's wedding a few days after new year's.
This was a casual wedding, so I wore my newish aqua tennis shoes.

This is the first wedding photo booth we've ever done! (It was a beach themed reception, hence the hula skirt and leis.) Robert is on a pool raft if you can't tell :D

A few days later (Jan. 6) we celebrated our 23rd and 20th birthdays! Robert and I share the same birthday, if you remember my post last year. I made GF pretzels for the very first time (top left). Not quite what I wanted them to look like, but they tasted good!

Robert's Mom brought over some GF brownies and cake for us! They were goooood.


These were my gifts from Robert: A book from one of my favorite series, Robin Hood BBC season 2 (GAH!), and my very first book light! He spoils me :)

My gifts to Robert: Books by Lemony Snicket, and the ship and asian castle sets above the books.

These we both picked out because Barnes and Noble was having a sale. They are BEAUTIFUL books and we can't wait to read them :)

Hard to believe we've celebrated 6 birthdays together already!

Robert's new glass tea pot! We tried out one of our flowering teas and it was so cool watching it bloom!

So yeah, I'M 20 NOW! I told my sister I'm entering the decade in which I will start forgetting how old I am. I'll just start telling people I'm in my twenties :D

I didn't really make any new year's resolutions this year...I just want to keep on trying to keep my life simple and get into the habit of doing things (like blogging) and other useful things I want to do at this point in my life. I also want to become closer to God and maybe actually read the Bible the entire way through (we hear a lot of it in Church but it's still not the same as reading it for yourself, y'know?).

I also promised Goodreads that I would read 100 books this year...I'm starting to think that was a bad idea because I haven't even completed one book this year! Yipes. I need to add up my grand total of last years books as well as Robert's to see how we did on our bet. I'm pretty sure I won...:D

Goodnight! You'll hear from me soon :)

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