Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly Mary, She Went and Caught Pneumonia.

Okay, so almost one month later I have posted nothing :P To tell you the truth I haven't been doing a lot of crafting of late, since I managed to catch pneumonia several weeks ago. Unfortunately it likes to latch onto it's victim, so I'm still coughing but not as much as I was, thank goodness. I did make some masquerade masks before I got sick which I took pictures of but never got around to posting :P Silly me.
 I am getting excited for St. Patrick's Day though, which has put me in a crafty mood. I found some celtic-looking material at Jo-Ann's awhile back and I want to make a shirt out of it, but the question is....will I make it by St. Patrick's Day? Ummm...maybe. With a serger that is being stubborn at the moment and a sewing machine whose bobbin likes to get caught and create havoc, we shall see if I shall succeed!

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