Monday, June 30, 2014

A Taste of India


At the beginning of this month I hosted a India themed tea party with some friends. It was a blast! I had lots of fun planning, researching, and watching Bollywood movies :D And of course, decorating! It's my thang, people.

My mom, sisters and I have been having tea parties with this particular group of friends for as long as I can remember, but originally they were always Anne of Green Gables or Little Women themes. Now we are branching out into other awesome themes too! For example, the other ladies threw a Alice in Wonderland tea party for my bridal shower last year!
 This tea party was kind of inspired by The Secret Garden, and since India is a big part of that book, I ran with it.

Hosting parties should be my JOB, guys. I'd like that kind of job.

Anyway, there are a lot of pictures, which is why I haven't posted this sooner :P You don't want to know how many times I tried to sit down and blog this month. Time has run away from me :P

So, pictures!

The Kitchen Table. And a random pineapple :D

My sister's colorful, heart-shaped tea cups.

Our Irises!

The Menu. My first time painting with chalkboard paint!

Dining Room Decor. I read 'The Secret Garden' before the party. Lovely stuff!

Table decor. The Indian woman is actually from India! My uncle (who was born in India) brought it back after one of his trips :)

Pretty peonies that Mom brought for the party :)

My little elephant. Have you ever seen 'The Secret Garden'? The twin sisters had twin ivory elephants in the movie and my sister and I have ALWAYS wanted to find some that were similar, and she did last year! She has the exact same one :)

My sister had this idea! We had first thought of draping fabric across the dining room ceiling somehow, but streamers were a much easier to work with :)
Childhood toys to amuse the kiddies with :)

Kiddie books and Henna books. I wanted to try Henna for the party, but then I discovered how long and messy the process is. Maaaaybe when I have 6-8 hours to kill :P

A globe in the dining room.

Nail polish of course :)

We always do a craft when we have these tea parties, and this was one of the two that I had planned.

I found this India clothespin doll idea on this lovely lady's blog! I tweaked mine a bit, just by using sari fabric and colorful pipe cleaners.

My doll!

This is my sister's :)

The main dish. It was yummy :)

My outfit.

My attempt at a model-like expression XD I ordered bindis for the party! Bindis are the jewel thingys they wear on their foreheads in India, if you didn't know. I didn't know what they were called until I researched them :D They completed the party!

FINALLY! The post is complete :) The party was awesome and as always I had tons of fun planning it! Hope this inspires you :)

Til next time!

Cheers :)

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