Saturday, June 7, 2014

And May just.....flew.

I remember thinking to myself when I was little that adults must be exaggerating when they said time just flies the older you get. Ugh, why did they have to be right? Now there isn't enough time in the day to do everything I have swirling around my crazy brain :P I wonder if I'll be less busy when I have kids? Haha, I'm kidding moms!

May went by fast, just like April. I swear that my favorite time of year speeds itself up as soon as it gets here. It was a very busy spring, but a delightful one :) And as I said before, I don't mind being busy as long as it's not insanely busy!

So here is what happened in May:

Our pear blossoms popped!

Lots of 'em.

Leaving Kroger's with my lovely anniversary bouquet!

Isn't it perty-ful? :)

This is what I made up for Robert at work :D He's a gummie bear addict.

We went on a local weekend trip to celebrate :)

 I also used a snack machine for the *gasp* very first time :D The snickers bar was from the second time I used it. The first thing I got was some chips ahoy cookie bag...which became stuck :P I felt like RJ in Over the Hedge. I ended up shaking the whole thing, desperately trying to get my cookies. It worked! And I didn't even draw the attention of the hotel staff :D

We saw this little cutie during our trip!

I made this when we got back. I'm quite happy with how it turned out :) The flowers are from my myrtle patch.

Purple on the inside!
Wedding memories! My dried bouquet, and lots of lovely cards from family :)

May crowning!

One of my Maw-maw's myrtle patches. I love the purple flowers!

Our herb garden with some new additions! Basil and Cilantro, some of our faves.

The fairies in my garden :)

A wreath I made from my sister's leftover wedding flowers.
My Mary alter for the month of May. This was the first time I used my table runner from Ireland! I bought it in Galway while I was there.


What I wore to church a few Sundays ago.
Shirt: Hand me down from Robert's sista
Skirt: Goodwill
Black Flats: JCpenney's
Cami: Maurices
Necklace: Church Jewelry Sale
Black Rose Earrings: Claire's

The necklace matched perfectly!

My first vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles! Pure wonderful-ness.

This adorable creature was right at my back door! I wanted to squeeze it :) I'm not a big fan of animals, but I appreciate their cuteness!

Nerdiness overtook me when I went shopping one day....

Oh look! More sprinkles :D My sister made sure she got me one with sprinkles!

Our irises popped!

A pink one bloomed a few days later!

I made an Indian pattern on the pavement. I've been obsessed with India lately.

I made this clover crown on memorial day! I was quite proud of myself :)

I wasn't trying to channel the arm in hammer ad lady for memorial day, but everyone said I looked like her :P

How did your May turn out? Did you have an epic Memorial Day weekend? I hope you guys are enjoying warm weather like we are!

Cheers :)


  1. Time does fly when you are older. And it's a pain. I used to want to grow up. I was stupid.

    Happy anniversary again!! lol

    I love that you make a big deal over easy things like getting a candy from a snack machine. I did that about lamingating my picture and I was thrilled. lol.

    You haz a pretty garden


    Totally thought your chalk drawing was a copy of Rapunzel's giant sun thing in Tangled.

    OMG you do look like the arm and hammer lady! But... you know... cuter.

    1. I refuse to act like a grown up, even if I have to BE one.

      THANKS!!! :)

      It's no fun if you don't make a big deal about things like that! It's an accomplishment, no matter how small of a thing it is. AND it was fun :) I don't think *I* have ever gone to get something laminated....I went with Mom once when she needed to get it done for something, but it wasn't something of, not the same. I shall have to do it sometime and dance after it's done :D

      Thank you, I LOVE my garden. Whenever I'm cooking I can just step outside and pick whatever herbs I want to cook with :)

      NERDY SHIRTS ARE AWESOME! I love them. I need to find Captain America shirts for me and Robert sometime. One super hero at a time.

      Haha, I was thinking of that when I was drawing it :D Now I need to look at that and copy it!

      Thanks, I don't have the muscles she does...and I'm kind of glad :D Women with huge muscles look weird to me!

  2. Batman shirts FTW!!! And happy anniversary too. ;) I get most of my clothes from second-hand-stores like that, too, although in Australia we call them "op-shops". lol Don't ask me why (actually I think "op" is short for "opportunity". But still. Miles of weird.) Gah, May DID fly fast though. And so is June. -_- I want to have a word with these months...I mean, half the year is over already?! SCARY.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  3. Thanks! I feel so cool when I'm wearing that shirt :D
    Haha, that's so funny! I always I have to think when I use a word that is normal to me and someone asks "what does that mean?" I'm like "ummm, good question!" I usually use the word "thrift" when it comes to that that kind of shopping and I'm not sure what it means :D It's terrible! Op-shop is fun to say :D

    I'm convinced that June is going to be and is one of those insanely busy months :P It's already the 14th and I'm like "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" I haven't blogged hardly at all because I've been so ridiculously busy :P I HAVE been reading a lot though, so I guess I am getting something fun done this month :)


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