Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Wedding (Part 1) - Preparations

May 3rd was my 1st anniversary of being married to Robert! Yikes, if this is a premonition of how the next 50 years (or more) is going to be like then I'm kind of freaked, because this year went by FAST!

It's been a wonderful year. Being married has it's ups and downs, but I can live with that. If it means getting to spend the rest of my life with my partner in crime, then bring it on :)

So I thought I would share several picture posts of wedding related things that happened around this time last year. 

In this post I'll show you some of the wedding prep pics.

Our first wedding gift! From Robert's Mom :) She knows what I like, huh?
Pictures in my old bedroom the day before the wedding. I stuffed my bookcase with everything I thought I might need :)
I made the guest book in the middle, using an old guest book I found at goodwill. It was practically new, but I didn't like the cover. So, using scrapbook paper, double-sided tape,stamps, and cool pictures, I made it my own :)
My maid of honor's accessories. My sister was my one and only bridesmaid/maid of honor. Simple and super sweet :)
A little flower pin I had designed for my nephew. He was my Mom's escort down the isle :)
Cake cutters! And yes, that IS a dagger on the right! We cut our cake with my medieval dagger :)
My throwing bouquet that I made with some pretty flowers from Wal-mart and my card box which I made out of a hat box. I modge-podged scrap book paper all over it and cut a slit in the top (not in that order!). Voila, a card box.
My accessories! My fairy shoes that I covered with leaves and flowers, but I found that they were too fragile to walk in after that. Oh well, I'll save them for a future fairy costume. My clutch, my fan that my friend bought me while she was in Korea, my "something blue" anklet, hair sparkles "my something borrowed" from my sister, and Celtic earrings from the Trinity College gift shop in Dublin.
My Evenstar necklace that my brother gave me for Christmas one year, my lace fingerless gloves, (which I didn't end up wearing) my garter with pretty flowers I sewed on, (And no, I did NOT have a garter take and toss. It was merely for tradition) my handkerchief with my first attempt at ribbon embroidery. It turned out quite nicely, I think.
My blue crochet TOMS that I wore instead of the fairy shoes, my sixpence, and a Scottish pin borrowed from a friend that I didn't end up wearing because I didn't get to wear the shawl I had originally planned to pin it on.
Junior Bridesmaid and Flower girl dresses!
Found this at a thrift store, and it was just perfect :)
Also found this at a thrift store. I couldn't believe my luck with both of these dresses! I think I spent $14 total for them!
The flower girl wreath. I made this with floral wire, floral tape, flowers from Wal-mart and ribbon, also from Wal-mart. I love how it turned out :) She loved it too!

Well I must go to sleep now. More pictures on the way!

Goodnight, dear readers :)


  1. You're wedding looks really nice and simple. I love that you didn't wear heels. XD (I have a feeling I'm going to be the Thrift Store Queen when/if I do my own wedding. :) Because... you know... money. But I'll prolly have more bridesmaids, because I have loads of sisters and two really good friends. lol

    1. Yes, heels were absolutely out of the question! I had a REALLY long isle to walk down, and hey, heels just hurt! Plus they make me 10x more of a klutz than I already am XD

      Thrift stores are awesome. I tried to cut costs on everything, just because. We both had money from past jobs, but Robert didn't find a job after college until about 4 months before the wedding. We almost couldn't get married because of that! O_O Thankfully everything worked out! So yeah, cutting costs was important, but I think it's just common sense regardless. I'd rather save up for our own house than blow it all on a wedding! I think our total wedding cost was close to $5,000....The food was 2,000

      I could have had more bridesmaids, but I wanted to keep it simple :) Getting Robert to decide on 1 best man was hard enough! :D We're both terrible at making decisions :P

      What would your wedding colors be?

  2. Hello! You've got a really lovely little blog here. :) I've been browsing through some of your older posts and really enjoying them.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your wedding pictures. :) I'm a sucker for wedding pictures!


    1. Thanks, Amy!

      I hope to have them up in a few days! So am I! I love wedding pics :)

      Thanks for following my blog!!!!! :)


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