Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Dreadful Driving Test

Some of you know that I still have yet to get my drivers license. *wince*

I have avoided driving like the plague and now I'm 19 and I feel like I just need to get this license thing out of the way :P Cross another fun thing off of my list of "Things I have to do to pass as an adult." Ugh. Double UGH.

Well, my permit expires on the 31st, so this past week I've made myself get in the car and drive. I've had two permits so far, because I wanted to skip the drivers education class (once you're 18 you don't have to take it) and I don't really want to have to pay for a third permit, so here I am. Kicking myself for not practicing more and getting it done earlier.

I think I'm a good driver. Certainly not perfect, put possibly passable for the test. I've been driving a lot lately and I think I've worn off that rustiness from not driving during the long winter we had. So I'm not too nervous about the driver's exam.

That isn't what worries me.

To complete the driving exam in my area, you have to pass the driving test (which doesn't last too long, I hear.) and do all the simple things like braking, starting, driving without hitting anybody, etc. Then, you have to complete a maneuverability test so they can see how well you can back up through orange cones.

This is what worries me:

I don't claim to own this image.

Looks pretty simple, right? I thought so too, until I started practicing yesterday. It's hard. It kicked my butt. I despise whoever thought up this lovely little torture course. I lost count of how many times I tried and failed to do it. I got through maybe once on one side without hitting anything, but that was sheer dumb luck. I wasn't able to repeat it, that's for sure.

I'm thankful I can practice at the actual site, I just have to bring my own markers. A nice man who comes in at work lent me his orange cones for as long as I need them, which was really awesome of him, so that helps.

Robert and I are going to practice it again tonight and I'm just dreading it. I was a puddle of tears yesterday :P I was planning on trying to schedule my test for Friday, but I don't know if I'll be able to pass it now. My confidence level is at it's lowest. I don't want to have to re-take the maneuverability test.

How am I going to get through this? 

Prayers are greatly appreciated. I'm going to need a miracle.

What was your driving test like? Does your state have you do maneuverability or something similar?

Love you guys :) Thanks for listening to my rant. Or reading ;)


  1. Eeeeeeeeh, I know how you feel about procrastinating and then sobbing in dismay. I did that. I vascilated between, "I AM A GOOD DRIVER." and "I HATE DRIVING I'M GOING TO FAIL." and there was no in between.

    I did not have to do a maneuverability test... that sounds like death and the tears of small children. O_o. Try not to get to down on yourself, (Haha, coming from me, that's rich and highly hypocritical.) Just pray before you go in. XD

    Good luck!

  2. I hope the day of my test I'm thinking "I AM A GOOD DRIVER." Because that night it was the complete opposite :P

    BUT, when Robert and I went to practice again, I calmed down, I listened to everything he was saying, and I actually made it through the cones 6+ times! I lost count. Robert brought some gummies to reward me with every time I did it right :D I think those really helped as dumb as it sounds! Unfortunately I didn't get through one right after another all the time, so I still need to go practice a few more nights, just so it's fresh in my memory and I can iron out all the kinks. But at least my confidence is higher now! I do keep going back and forth between "I AM A GOOD DRIVER." and "I HATE DRIVING I"M GOING TO FAIL." still, though. I just need to learn to keep my cool.
    The other night I was driving my brother's car and I forgot to turn my lights on (Robert's automatically turn on so I wasn't used to it) and somebody in the other lane beeped at me and yelled that I didn't have my lights on. I know they were just helping, but I DON"T like getting beeped and hollered at for ANY reason. So that night I did a lot of laying around in despair, while staring blankly into the distance. There went my confidence, again :P I'm doing okay now though.

    My drivers test is on Tuesday morning.....I need to be as calm as I can be because it's just going to flop if I'm not. And I'll have to renew my permit again if I fail....no pressure there, right? Can I come to Cali and take my test? Pwease?

    Thanks for the encouragement, Treskie. It really helps! :)

    1. Lol, I'm sure you'll be great.

      *claps* good job!!! (Just so you know, I probably couldn't navigate through the cones, so don't feel bad. lol.) Keeping your cool is hard when you're learning. I actually got better when my mom stopped teaching me, and my sister took over, because I would turn a corner at fifteen MPH, and my mom would be like, 'ARE YOU TRYING TO CRASH!?!!' and it would freak me out. lol.

      Ugh, people need to not beep at other people. I hate it when I get yelled at or beeped at.

      Oooooh Tuesday is soon. I shall pray and pray that you get it right. KAY?

      I'm glad it helps. I needed encouragement too.

    2. I actually made it through them 4 times in a row on both sides without hitting anything the day before my test!!!!! I stopped there before I made a mistake :D
      That sounds exactly like my mom! :D She likes to freak out about things like that. And then that makes me freak, which doesn't help my driving AT ALL :P Robert doesn't freak, which has helped improve my driving immensely. He is more critical than Mom is, but that also kind of helps 'cause I'm pretty good at learning from my mistakes.

      Thanks for the prayers! They really helped 'cause I PASSED THE FREAKING TEST!!!!! And I did better than I thought I was going to, which surprised me greatly :) It's still sinking in. It's almost like I'm not sure it really happened...it's been breathing down my back for so long :P But it is OVER and I REALLY don't have to take it anymore!!!!!!! I IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

      Thanks for helping me through this :)

    3. Yeah, I wouldn't drive with Amy at all before I took the test, because she yelled and flinched a lot. lol.



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