Friday, May 16, 2014

Tag Thingy With More Random Questions

Hello there!

My bloggy friend ,Treskie, did this tag thingy and it looked like fun, so here it is :) Enjoy!

11 Random Facts About Me:

1.) I'm a big Phantom of the Opera fan, in case you didn't notice ;) I would love to see a Broadway production in New York City.
 I fell into deep, deep, love with Gerard Butler after the 2004 POTO movie. He's Scottish, okay? A girl has to fall for a movie star at least once in her life, right? Or twice? (William Moseley 'Peter Pevensie' was my next love after I got over Gerry) It was kind of ridiculous how much I liked G. B. Like embarrassingly ridiculous. *slides down in chair*

Oh gosh, I hope Robert doesn't see this post. *waves* I love you honey!

2.) I like Disney. A lot.

3.) I hate centipedes. We had one on our bed last night and I almost couldn't find it after it skittered away. *shudders* God is good. He made it's presence known so I could smash it :) I was able to get to sleep after that!

We live in an old house so we have more than frequent visits from unpleasant little creatures :P I think Robert hates them more than I do though. He sometimes goes on centipede hunts in our basement at night so as to decrease their population :D

4.) I'm rubbish at video games. I try but it just doesn't get better :P Mario party is fun though, even if you suck at it :) Nancy Drew computer games and Lord of the Rings online are my thing.

5.) Scooby Doo was my favorite cartoon when I was little and I still love it :)

6.) This is the only way I would eat an apple when I was little: It had to be whole and I would pretend to be Snow White and faint after I bit into it.

7.) So one afternoon when I was still pretty young, I was innocently watching Mr. Rogers. He proceeded to pull out a blank book and asked all of his little listeners what they saw in the book.

Note: We had to imagine what we saw.

Well, being the smart little child that I was, I said "I see nothing."

He continued to ask what we saw.

Appalled at how ignorant this man was, I indignantly started yelling "I see NOTHING!!!!"

Which led to Mom running in to see what was wrong :D

Sorry, Mr. Roger's!

8.) My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day. I like all of them though.

9.) I like colorful socks :) They are sooooo fun!

10.) I plan to make a replica of Thranduil's crown someday.

11.) I love bookmarks. "nuff said.

Treskie's Questions:

1.) When was the last time you felt like: MIND BLOWN?

When I found out that the snake that Harry Potter frees at the Zoo is also Nagini later on in the books O_O (If that is even true...I'm not sure if J.K. Rowling actually said that)

2.) What is your view on the general public.

You mean the woman at Wal-mart wearing obnoxiously colored jammie pants while yelling as loudly as she can at her 2 year old?

Or the lady that was extremely rude and walked out on me at work because I couldn't remember exactly how to do a gift certificate (I had never done one at that place before) and my boss wasn't answering her phone so she couldn't walk me through it?

It depends on the day. Mostly not too good. I have to deal with them everyday at work and I've discovered just how many unpleasant people live in this world. On good days, a lot of nice people come in the store and the world is good again. Work would be great all the time if we didn't need customers! Hehe :D

I don't know. I like hiding away at home and escaping from the world so I don't have to deal with people. But I also know that there are some great people out there, and some are just having a really bad day, so I guess I have to forgive them on days like that.

3.) Have you watched Olan Rogers?

No....never heard of him actually.

4.) Do you collect sporks?

I don't, but that sounds like something Wall-e should be doing :D

5.) Do you collect something?

When I was little I collected mini porcelain dolls and Barbie dolls.

These days I like to collect Russian nesting dolls, books, daggers, fairy things, mermaid things, phantom of the opera things, Irish things, nerdy things etc.

6.) Are you getting tired of Frozen's hype?

A little bit, maybe. I like the songs better than the movie itself and I'm still happy when one of them plays on Pandora, so I guess I'm not tired yet.

7.) Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera

PHANTOM. I'm not a big fan of Les Mis *winces as tomatoes are thrown in my direction* Sorry! I liked it better when it wasn't a musical (The movie starring Liam Neeson), not that I don't like the songs. Idk. I was really turned off by all the crude parts in the new movie and I felt like they were singing everything.

POTO is just better in my opinion.

8.) Does Walmart give you a headache?

Sometimes, yes. I try not to go there too often.

9.) Can you find a gif that expresses the word "booyah"?

I can't seem to get it to show up so here is the link:

10.) Favorite candle smell?

Unscented is the best because scented candles usually give me a head ache. Although my friend gave me one called 'Sweet Pea' and that smelled really good and not overpowering like some are.

11.) Can you complete this quote? "These are not the _________."

All I can think of is "These are not the droids you are looking for." :D But if it's just one word your asking for then I fail pitifully.

My Questions:

1.) Which Pevensie is your favorite?
2.) Which Penderwick is your favorite?
3.) If you could choose a theme for your bedroom, what would you choose?
4.) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
5.) Favorite dwarf? (From the Hobbit)
6.) What board game do you like the most?
7.) Mermaids or Unicorns?
8.) What book are you currently reading?
9.) If you could buy a Disney t-shirt what would it be?
10.) Would you rather be a Hobbit or an Elf?
11.) Would you go fairy hunting with me?

So there you have it! I'm not going to tag anybody, just feel free to do it if you want to! And I don't care if you just answer the questions I made up and skip doing the 11 randoms. It took me awhile to even think up that many :P

Goodnight Peoples!


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