Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Wedding (Part 2) - The Pictures!

Here they are!

These are most of the pictures that just have me and Robert in them, since the majority of my family don't want their pictures on here. *sobs*

There is still quite a lot, though! At least you'll get a good idea of what our wedding was like :)

We had the perfect kind of weather, not too hot and not too cold! I was so glad. I've been to some weddings where it just poured the entire day :/

MY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

Me, while my train was being tied up :) Ugh, that blasted thing took forever to figure out. I just wanted to be able to move around! If trains weren't so pretty I definitely would have gone with something more practical for movement.

This is why I wanted to move around so bad. There was decorating to do! For my flowers, I just told the florist my favorites and let him design the arrangements. I was blown away by what he came up with! I loved everything about them :)

I bought the candles for our unity candle at Meijers, the stand on Amazon, and the ivy at Hobby Lobby :) 

The Memorial Table. My mom's parents (Paw-paw and Maw-maw), my dad's father (Papa), and Robert's dad. I only met Robert's dad once. He died of cancer the year we  met. We wanted to remember all of them in a special way and this is what I came up with. The flowers in the silver pot are from Lowes, I forget what the curly grass was called but the blue flowers are blue moons, I believe. At least that is what we've always called them!
The pew decorations! I found the music sheet cones on Etsy and the flowers and ribbon at Wal-mart. I LOVE how they turned out!

Another cone. I did lilacs and hydrangeas with a variety of different ribbon for these.

Our programs, designed by a dear friend! She did an awesome job! She also took our engagement pictures, which we used on our invitations, programs, and wedding website :) (The random flowers were put on this picture for privacy) The basket was found at goodwill :)

When the flowers arrived! I had my florist glue hydrangea blooms onto clips so I could put them in my hair. They were perfect :) Pssst! Notice the evenstar?! GAH! Geeky-ness was must on my wedding day, obviously :)

My dress again! And my bouquet, which was my favorite out of all the flowers :) I found my dress on Ebay for $152 with free shipping. And they custom made it at that price! My mother-in-law and I added the lace sleeves, lace at the neckline, (it was a sweetheart neckline originally) shortened it (cuz I'm short!), and added the bustle hooks. It was just perfect! It reminds me of Rose's "Heaven Dress" on Titanic.
The back with the bustle up. I don't think I have a picture of the lace up back now that I think of it! Darn. If you look closely you can see that I am wearing a chapel length veil. I also bought that on Ebay. It didn't spread out as much as I would have liked, but oh well, it was pretty :)

My sister did a braided crown with my hair and then I curled some of it. It takes forever to curl my hair, so I did just a few strands here and there.

My groom :) We found his suit at Men's Warehouse. He already had the dress shirt, shoes, and tie so that helped :) I still find it funny that his suit cost more than my dress, but at least he can wear his more than once! I made the blue handkerchief sticking out of his pocket from some sari material I had in my stash. For Robert's boutonniere I had the florist do a white rose tinted with blue, with some purple flowers. 


This is the flower girl basket! I found the basket at Jo-ann Fabrics, the ribbon from Wal-mart, and the grape hyacinths in my parent's yard :)

My nerves were starting to sky rocket at this point! I had to hide away in the bride's room at our Church while guest arrived. Yipes, I'm glad I don't have to walk down that isle again :D

Just look at it!

My sister's bouquet. You can kinda see her dress in this picture.

Peek-a-boo! The pic before venturing out to the front of church.

Going in.

Almost there. Thankfully you can't tell how nervous I was! Of course then Dad made me cry before going down the isle, which kind of helped because then I was more worried about trying not to cry instead of thinking about that long isle :D

His face while I was walking down. So serious. I think he was just as scared as I was! We don't like being up in front of a lot of people :D We also memorized our vows instead of having Father say them and then have us repeat them. So both of us were just trying to remember everything we had to do beyond this point.

Lighting our unity candle.

I really like this picture :) The rose behind us is for our Blessed Mother.

Presentation of a rose to Mother Mary. I chose "Ave Maria" to be played during this time.

The Kiss! People thought it was funny that I had to stand on my tiptoes :P I'm short, okay?

It's over! YAY!

There are only a few kissing pictures, I promise.

See my pretty train? I love the lace on this dress.

We made it through! I'm so glad I wore those blue shoes :D

Our church had some leftover pink flowers from Easter which I gladly put to use :) That's always the nice thing about getting married after Easter!

The train was worth it after all :)

Cutesie :)

It was bright outside!

We had to do a peek-a-boo picture for Robert too.

I love this picture!


This is my favorite picture of us :)

I love how well my blue hydrangeas and his rose went together!

Our getaway car :D

Pictures on the reception grounds.

They have a lovely gazebo there that has been used for weddings before. I had my train hoisted on my arm because there was unfortunately a lot of duck poop on the ground :P

For some reason this reminds me of Tangled.

Our photographer was thrilled when Robert spontaneously kissed my forehead. It was so funny how happy she was about that :D

Blue shoes, hehe :D

I had to have a picture of Robert holding my bouquet, of course. :)

Just before going into the reception.

The people at our reception venue were SO sweet!

Our Cake Topper. I still cannot believe I found this!

I loved my cake lady. She has the same name as my mom and she also homeschools here kids! She is an awesome lady :) Her cakes are unbelievably tasty and she even did a gluten-free cake for us! I had a picture of what I wanted my cake to look like and she matched it perfectly. I bought the flowers at Hobby Lobby for the cake, the paper butterflies I made using a Martha Stewart butterfly punch, and I made the Eat Me sign out of poster board and sharpie :)

Our Entrance :)

Pretty presents!

Mingle, mingle. :) It's so difficult getting to everybody! People were already started to leave when we started going around to each table :P

The Blue Rose.

Our head table décor.

This was either my brother's (the best man) or my dad's boutonniere, I can't remember. 

The guest book table.

The beginnings of eternal servitude! Hehe, just kidding :D The food was wonderful.

Cutting the cake with my Medieval dagger to the "Blunt the Knives" song from The Hobbit :D Perfect song, right?

Ready, set....

.....stuff! We were nice, I promise :) I was eyeing him suspiciously in this one though!

"U'm mot fimished wif mwa cake!"

Our first dance to "Lottie Lies Among the Flowers" by The Willis Clan.

I think one of us might have stepped on the the other's foot in this picture :D

Throwing the bouquet! The girl in green right behind me caught it :)

And they all lived happily ever after :) The end! Hehe :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It was a wonderful, happy, and amazing day :) It went so fast though! :(

 I have a couple more wedding related posts in the works so stay tuned!

Tootles :)


  1. D'aaaaaaaaw. I love Love. lol. You and Robert make a really nice couple, and it makes me all sappy to see happy wedding pictures. How old were you when you got married?

    A:LKJFA DSA your wedding cake was awesome! And the topper!? AWESOME.

    Also the dress was gorgeous.


    1. Me too! I love romance. Anyone's romance :) I'm a sucker for wedding pictures, sappy just- because- pictures, love stories, etc. They make my heart so happy :)

      I was 18 and Robert was 21. 18 isn't a 'normal' marrying age anymore these days :P I've been known to defy the norm more than once though, so it's okay :D Unfortunately there were more than a few raised eyebrows about us getting married SO young, mainly from his extended family. *blows raspberries* I wish people didn't care so much about things like that!

      I knew you'd like the cake!!!!!! It was better than anything I could have ever dreamed of :)

      Thank you :) I was extremely pleased with how the dress turned out! Now I just have to figure out how I want to store it....I still haven't done it yet :D

    2. I feed off other people's romance. lol.

      No, 18 isn't normal marrying age anymore, which is kind of sad if you want a big family. lol. I don't think there's anything wrong with it though, as long as the people are both mentally ready for it, ya know? I mean, people are allowed to go to war and die for their country at 18. Why is getting married at that age such a big frikken deal?! Sheesh.


      lol my mom has hers in a box. She was so small, even *I* can't fit into it.

    3. Yes, romance feeding is the best :) I get disappointed when a book or a movie doesn't have enough romance in it, or when they leave a good romance hanging and never finish it :P It just tears me apart!

      Marrying at 18 is kinda more normal for homeschool families, I think....but then again, more raised eyebrows from the general public :P Married at 18 and HOMESCHOOLED? Shocking! Sometimes I think they would be more okay with me saying I'm from Mars :P It's ridiculous how the rest of us mature teens get a bad wrap from the actions of immature teens that are the same age we are. Injustice, I tell you!

      I was definitely more ready to be married than go to war at 18 :D Doesn't it make more sense for people to make a bigger deal about their kids going to war instead of getting married?

      THANKS :) That is so funny! I couldn't fit into my mom's dress either because she was so skinny and tiny :D I think I was 12 when I tried it on, too...lol

    4. OOOH if you like Magic and Romance you really really need to read "Sorcery and Cecilia (or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot)" it's soooo good. I LOVE it. It's the BEST. (There's more romance in the second one, but the first one is good. It starts out a little slow but ohmygosh is Thomas cool.)

      .... The general public and take their opinions about homeschoolers and shove it... I mean... statistically? We are waaay more advanced, school wise, so there.

      You'd *think* that's how it would be,... I would definitely have a harder time accepting my kid going to war at eighteen than getting married at eighteen. People's reasonings are skewed.

      ME TOO! OH MY GOSH. lol.

    5. *writes it down on my list of books to read* There! I shall have to read it soon :)

      Hehe, you talk like I do :D "Shove it" that made me giggle, even though I don't really giggle :D You're so right though, we are more advanced, but they don't seem to notice that :P Or they are in denial. Whatevs, as long as they leave us alone I don't really care!

      LOL! And what's worse is that my mom was 21 when she got married! I couldn't fit in her dress when I was TWELVE. I know I'm not fat, but I could definitely lose some flab. It certainly doesn't help that I work in a candy store. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses :D
      I think my sisters and I inherited our great grandma's shortness, thunder thighs (as we call them), and big Italian arms :D I hear she was a strong, short, Italian woman that you didn't want to mess with!


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