Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Week Before St. Paddy's Day Party - Day 3 - Sheep and Marbles

Here's another one for ya!

March 12, 2015

The Outfit:

Plaid Cap - Present from my sister
Sheep T-shirt - Thrifted
Black Long Sleeved Shirt - Wal-mart
Jeans - Thrifted

And yes, I am sitting on black sheep skin :P

I like sheep, okay? Sheep+Ireland? Even better.

The Food:

This isn't exactly Irish, but there is green in it so it counts. Meatless black bean burgers with parsley, and Kale on the side.

Making shamrock shaped cupcakes for my sister's party the next day! They turned out really well :) Found the idea on Pinterest of course! Here's the link.

Yep, those are marbles.

Worrying they wouldn't turn out well, being Gluten and Dairy free :P

The Crafts:

Robert's and my niece made this Barbie dress for me!!! She's just beginning to learn how to sew and she's doing REALLY well. She did this all by herself :)

This is a project I did last summer. It was originally all white and I thought it needed to be spiced up a bit. I used dark green acrylic paint and painted two coats onto it. Then I hand painted the silver Celtic knot and vines. I'm really happy with it! It looks so much more me now.

Feel free to join in The Week Before St. Paddy's Day Party! Share your Irish outfit, food, and craft the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day. Link up by sharing your link in a comment on one of these posts :) If you can only do one day, that's great too!



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